SoBaTo – the Sourthern Baltic TechnOlympics 

SoBaTo is a competition and a German concept that we through a two year pilot project shall turn into a Southern Baltic concept. It is an event to arouse teenager’s interest in technics and innovation. It has a cross border aspect where participant from German, Poland and Denmark meets – and meets companies.

The history!

German technical companies had a problem. They got a lot of applications from young people who would like to work in the companies but the applications were very alike. It was difficult to figure out who were the right ones and who had those qualifications and skills that were needed. Together with Technology and Science Center Schwerin under leadership of ATI Westmecklenburg, they invented a so called “TechnOlypiade”

The TechnOlypiade  is a game consisting on a knowledge  test and several stations with practical tasks. The participants have to solve tasks from technical and research area showing their flair for creative and logical thinking, handiness and ability to work together with others to find a solution for a task. It is fun - the participants enjoy competing in things and skills they normally did not competed in. Some are actually surprised how mush flair they have in practical tasks.

It started as a need of more knowledge about young people skills but it also turned into an event to increase pupils interest for technics, innovation and technical studios and jobs. It demonstrated the perspectives for future careers in technical and innovative branches.

The TechnOlympiade have been held in Germany for six years with many good and successful experiences - It is now time to make it “southern Baltic”


We – ATI, Germany, Gdansk Entrepreneurial Foundation, Poland and Maritime Development Center of Bornholm, Denmark look forward to see you at the SoBaTo

Interview with Owner of Planet IC GmbH Mr. Andreas Scher


Why did you decide to sponsor the Technolympics?

The Technolympics addresses the target group of my company: young people who
are interested in technology. It brings these young people in my company location and gives me in this competition the possibility to present my business in my area. Our company has the opportunity on this day, after and during the the competition to get in contact with young talented people.
ATI informs the participants about the supporting companies and also about the possibilities to complete a traineeship or apprenticeship in these companies. 

What are the goals and expectations you have as a sponsor of the Technolympics?
For simplier occupations (baker, cook, barber, Car mechanic) or owner of brands and related occupations (Savings, insurance, ...) it`s quite easy to be visible on the educational and labor market. As a 50-person IT company it`s really harder to be visible. The Technolympics gives us the opportunity to be more visible and famous in this innovative, dynamic and tech-savvy world. After the event, I expect a lot of appilications of the participants

Are tangible results of your sponsoring activities measurable?
I always ask every young candidate, how they become aware of us. We had quite a few applications from young people who have already participated in the Technolympics. Many pupils and students interns join us by pointing out that they have participated in the Technolympics. Some of them even indicated their ranking in the Technolympics. This is really a good opportunity for us to select the applicants.
In conclusion these young pupils ever even become active by themselves: these pupils and students participate at a contest, which is not in their familiar surroundings (home, school) to  possibly reach a good ranking.