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“Design and construct a bridge made from uncooked or cooked spaghetti (any brand)


glue gun or other glue


place it over a 50 cm gap. please contribute with measure band on the video



Think in design and construction for the best result.

Think out of the box.

Upload a video of the weight test when the spaghetti bridge is done, to our Facebook site and tag it “Spaghetti bridge”



The weight test.

consider a weight form that can be shown in the video and emmidiatly weight the content either with a bucket suspended underneath filled with sand (or something similar) or on top with general weights (milk cartons with 1 liter or something similar)



Our bridge looked like this:

video tag

watch the video here  SoBaTo Bridge


look for inspiration, for the best construction.

here is and example of how it could look. from the world championship 2013 in spaghetti bridge contest