please download:

Intro - SoBaTo concept

Subjects of discussions in the project process

The overview Star

The SoBaTo concept

and further - for all practical information as the following documents. Please contact project LEAD or partners. we will gladly help you with more details:

  • Time schedule - competition planning
  • Example Participation rotation
  • Evaluating documents
  • Example of agenda event SoBaTo
  • Example Scenario SoBaTo
  • Example How to find your task
  • Example visit card and schedule
  • Example winner certificate
  • Example of test


Before the Christmas Holiday take up a challenge!

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Winners of Thursday

  1. Mateusz Ruminski, Poland, score 2 576 025
  2. Iza Kuling, Poland, score 1 293 885
  3. Blondi, score 107 848

Please welcome Wednesday winners! Contest will last two more days. You don't want to miss it!!

  1. Milosz Gustawski, Poland, score 3 546 025

  2. Mateusz Ruminski, Poland, score 3 081 338

  3. Mateusz Serdynski, Poland, score 2 727 136

Winner of Tuesday

  1. Mikolaj Badocha, Poland, score 2 168 494

  2. Robert Okula, Poland, score 2 144 883

  3. Magdalena Fiedorczuk, Poland score 689 243

 The first day of SoBaTo Game competition is over!

Monday winners are:
1. Mateusz Rumiński, Poland, score: 2 800 937
Robert Okuła, Poland, score: 836 542
3. Ida Petersen, Denmark, score: 34 996



Play the online SoBaTo

Today we start an international SoBaTo game competition that will last till Friday! After each day we will publish a name of the best player and after finishing the competition we will announce who was the BEST among the players. Those of you who want to take part in competition need to create his/her nickname according to the template:

a) Your country acronym (e.g. D for Germany, DK for Denmark, PL for Poland, etc.),
b) Underscore,
c) fulll name or nickname if you prefer,
e.g. "DK_alicja.hansen"

Keep in mind that if you use nickname nobody will know that you won! So we encourage you to use your real name – be proud of yourself! We are sure you know a lot about economics, marketing and innovation!
So let the game begin!


W ramach projektu Fundacja Ośrodek Badań i Analiz Społecznych na zlecenie Gdańskiego Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości przeprowadziła badanie na gdańskich uczniach i uczennicach mające na celu sprawdzić ich zainteresowania technologiami oraz źródła i możliwości tych zainteresowań jak również ich autocharakterystykę ich postaw przedsiębiorczych. W raporcie uwzględniono odpowiedzi 572 uczniów (z III klas gimnazjów i wszystkich roczników liceów) z 8 gimnazjów i 15 liceów z Gdańska.

Zachęcamy do lektury raportu.

Publikujemy raport w języku polskim:

Pobierz raport

Podsumowanie w języku angielskim:

Pobierz podsumowanie w języku angielskim

Oraz raport w języku angielskim:

Pobierz raport w języku angielskim

Framework of the conducted research, which was ordered by Gdańsk Business Incubator to Foundation Testing Centre and Public Analyses, is aiming to evaluate interests of Gdansk pupils in technology and sources and possibilities of these interests as well as their characteristic tendency of enterprising. In the report replies of 572 pupils were considered (from the III classes of junior secondary schools and all generations of secondary schools) from 8 junior secondary schools and 15 secondary schools from Gdańsk.
We are encouraging for the reading of the report.

We publish report in Polish:

Download report in Polish

Summary in English:

Download summary in English

And report in English:

Download report in English

German Report in summery in English


With great pleasure we invite you to participate in the International Joint Final Conference hosted by ATI erc gGmbH. The International Joint Final Conference of the projects BAYinTRAP and SoBaTo will take place from December 16th – 17th  2014 in Wismar, Germany.

We'd like to look at the achievements of the two projects and explore the future opportunities.
On the first day we will look back at two successful examples of cooperation and discuss expectations towards the future.
We will have a quick look into the thematic fields and results of the projects.
On the second day we will talk about the themes for possible cooperations in more detail.
Conference participants will have opportunities and time to network and share their ideas.
Find out more from the attached agenda.


For interested persons/ organizations: Please complete the enclosed form and return it with your contact information by 1st of December 2014 at the latest

by email or fax +49 385 3993 780.

Venue, travel & accommodation

The conference venue will be the Technology Center in Wismar: Alter Holzhafen 19, D-23966 Wismar.
Participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation. For further questions please contact

We look forward to meeting you in Wismar!

 Registration form for interested persons + organizations

Agenda Final Conferance BAYinTRAP+SoBaTo

SoBaTo event Bornholm 20th September 2014

...and the winners are:

Age Class 2

Gold: Jannis Kaiser fra Tyskland

Silver: Marta Furmaniak fra Polen

Bronze:  Martyna Kowalska fra Polen


Age class 1

Gold: Carsten Buchholz fra tyskland

Silver: Vilma Marie Lindstrøm Larsen Danmark

Silver:  Lise Rømer Olsen  fra Danmark

Congratulation to the winners!

And to all participants of the SoBaTo event on Bornholm - thank you for good spirit doing the game!  

The second Southern Baltic TechnOlympics in Gdańsk is finished with a lot of commitment from the Polish, German and Danish participants.

..and the winners are

Knowledge test:

Robert Okuła – Gdansk, Poland

 Winners of Gdansk TechnOlympics:

 High school:

  1. Place for Alexander Schengber - Germany
  2. Place for Marta Furmaniak – Gdansk, Poland
  3. Place for Mikołaj Babiański – Gdansk, Poland

Secondary school:

  1. Place for Oscar Halbe - Denmark
  2. Place for Leon Herrmann - Germany
  3. Place for Mateusz Semak – Gdansk, Poland

The first Southern Baltic Technolympics is finished with a high commitment from the German, Polish and Danish participants.

The winners are:

Overall winners of the single stations:

Station 1: IT-task: Dominik Eichler

Station 2: Bridge building: Christian Westerdahl

Station 3:  Brain challenge: Max Staff

Station 4: Potato battery: Jannis Kaiser

Station 5: Contruction kit: Max Staff

Main station: Knowledge test:

1. Max Staff

2. Bartosz Ekiert

3. Andreas Kröpelin

Winners of the competition 2013:

Age class1: 1. place goes to: Leon Herrmann

Age class1: 2. place goes to: Jannes Münse

Age class1: 3. place goes to: Andreas Kröpelin

Age class2: 1. place goes to: Max Staff

Age class2: 2. place goes to: Matthias Steffen

Age class2: 3. place goes to: Jasper Herz



And the top 10 are:


Age Class I
















































Age Class II























Benjamin Felix


























At 9th of October Starter organized a second pre-competition round for SoBaTo in Schwerin.

We invited 22 pupils from Gdańsk Autonomous High School. They compete filling a short knowledge test and doing a group task: a marshmallow challenge – “fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity”. The task is to build a tower using a set of objects: spaghetti, piece of tape, piece of string, and one marshmallow which need to be on the top. The result is a surprising lesson…
First 6 persons (4 girls and 3 boys) who get the highest score from both tasks will go with us to Schwerin to take a part in first SoBaTo.

After pre-competition part we invited all the pupils for a lecture of a designer Justyna Apolinarzak about Design Thinking and a process of designing products.

It was a great chance not only to hear about design but also try it in practice! We can’t wait for SoBaTo event in Germany!

9th October, Bornholm

On Bornholm a special class of young people from 9th grade from all public schools met and have extra focus on science and mathematic, as a acclaim for their interest in the topic. Ten of this group are given the possibility to participate in Schwerin.

foto fra forældreinfo

South Baltic Edutainment Event

Join the South Baltic Edutainment Event, European Co-operation Day, 18th September 2013 in Gdansk, Poland and get a taste of what the SoBaTo is!


School students from Denmark, Lithuania and Poland will gather in Gdansk on the 18th September 2013 to explore the cross-border efforts towards prosperity, sense of community and fellowship sentiments which have been made over the last few years. Read more:


See you!

The SoBaTo Team

Follow Up!

At South Baltic Edutainment Event, Gdansk the 18th September The SoBaTo team made a pre-competition, finding Polish participants for SoBaTo Schwerin. We had two 13 person groups – all together 26 people and six winners.

We Look forward to se you again!




Science meets Schools

Download a booklet – inspiration from the South Baltic



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The considered CBD for cats might sound crazy at first. It is because cannabis works by affecting the endocannabinoid system , a health system within the body that we share with all mammals. This is because cannabinoid compounds have been developed by the hashish plant partially cannapet for the aim of keeping off mammals from consuming them – it simply seems that there are also a myriad of beneficial medical effects that you would be able to get from taking cannabinoids.

This is our #1 product combo for Small canines. Canna-Pet merchandise are additionally too costly for most people to afford regularly. They’d be extra of a treat than a viable treatment for chronic ache in the long term. Don’t be concerned as a result of one of the best CBD oil for cats come with correct dosage tips. If your cat is taking different medicines, you should verify with the veterinarian before administering CBD oil to your pet.

But it’s not CBD, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, that the feds complained about. The FDA took concern with the companies’ advertising, particularly claims that the merchandise assist with symptoms of most cancers, dementia and bronchial asthma. Right listed below are some credible providers of CBD items for pet dogs.

On the end of the day, we all want out beloved pets to reside lengthy, healthy lives. Expertly chosen holistic supplements can work wonders in reaching this purpose. Nevertheless, it’s completely very important to pick out the best products you may. While Canna-Pet is without doubt one of the oldest hemp merchandise out there, that doesn’t mean that it is the best. It only takes one unhealthy experience to tarnish a model, and Canna-Pet has their fair share of dangerous critiques. Do your self, and your pet a favor and solely purchase high-quality, completely researched and well-reviewed supplements.

An Update On Painless Secrets In Canna Pet

Canna-Pet is a hundred% all-natural dietary product for family pets produced from crops with out GMOs. You can give your pets our items understanding that they aren’t medication as well as the self-confidence that comes from understanding they create no psychedelic or varied other damaging reactions.

Within the years to come back extra Canna-Pet® research can be published, allowing us to share more details of our distinctive formulations and superb results. and in addition Canna-Pet. They differentiate their merchandise based on whether you wish to give them to your pet as a medicine in capsule or oil kind, or if you need them as an edible to provide to your pet as a deal with.

If your cat is sick and you’re searching for a supplement to improve your pet’s condition, CBD oil could possibly be the solution. For individuals who are new to CBD oil, I gives you a short overview about this product and the way it will help your cat.

If a response was received, many customers claimed their representative was rude and unhelpful. For instance, a shopper recently wrote Canna-Pet to tell them of a packaging defect. Apparently, the glass dropper used to dispense the oil broke off easily once they had been using it. The consumer canna-pet was fearful an entire batch was defective and warned them that it was a choking hazard to animals. As a substitute of apologizing, offering a refund, or a new bottle, Canna-Pet simply thanked them for bringing the difficulty to their attention.

Fundamental Elements In Canna-Pet – Insights

Clear-Cut Methods In Canna Pet Coupon Across The USA

Potency testing is the subsequent step. Once it’s determined that the hemp is clear, you need to be sure that the product you’re buying has a enough amount of CBD in it. CBD products are typically only effective to the extent that they comprise therapeutic quantities of CBD and different cannabinoids. Don’t be afraid to reach out to retailers and ask about the efficiency of their merchandise.

Immediate Advice For Literary Analysis Introduction Examined

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This text was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken, MFA Stephanie Wong Ken is a writer based mostly in Canada. For effective literature essay writing, talk about every point in its paragraph. This system gives you the chance of exhausting the factors. Conclusion – It’s the last and most important part of the essay that present during which method your literary work reflects the plotline and ideas of the writer.

Consider your thesis, or the message of your essay, and write to persuade your reader that this message is price performing on strongly and immediately. Share the task details: subject, topic, academic level, number of pages, amount of sources, writing model, and deadline. Connect files if needed.

When reading a work of literature in your lessons, lecturers ask you to write down a literary evaluation to prove your abilities and knowledge. To research any e-book or short story, it’s worthwhile to break it down into small parts and examine how they all work. That is when a literary evaluation define will turn out to be useful. It is going to assist you to construction your paper and ideas correctly.

Mission Assertion: One particular approach the ebook’s textual content supports your thesis. He is one of the best author! It is my first time utilizing him however he really did a good job on my assignment. I’ll positively use him again. I like to recommend him. Thanks as soon as once more Victor.

No-Fuss literature essay examples Methods Uncovered

Write essay in the third person. As such a assignment is completely different from narrative essays , you should not use I” or you.” Sometimes your professor could help you use the second particular person, but in this case, you may be knowledgeable.

Introduction aims at establishing the context for readers. Additionally, you’ll be able to briefly focus on the background to offer insights to the issue under dialogue. The introduction should comprise the total author’s name of the literary work and its title. Think comment on the idea that tom’s death was typical effectively about the starting as the perform is to draw the attention of readers and encourage them to observe you through your work. This is an essential rule in tutorial composing.

The best distinction between the literary essay and the college essay is that the literary essay springs from the pursuits of the author and can be a pleasure to write. If you learn over your introduction and realize a few of your ideas have shifted in your physique paragraphs, you may have to revise your introduction and use the revisions to then write the middle section of the conclusion.

The primary goal of a literary evaluation essay is to prove that you have rigorously examined and evaluated a work of literature from various facets. Initially, it’s essential to understand the term analysis. It means breaking something as much as its essential elements, and analyzing how their features contribute towards the overall impression.

Patrick has just joined our staff of professional academic writers, but he has already established himself as an actual expert who is aware of his topic simply perfectly and is not afraid of challenges and complex orders. Patrick has a college diploma in Literature, but he is also interested by psychology and is aware of simply every thing about trendy psychological approaches and theories of famous scientists. He can take the order and write an excellent paper overnight. So in case you have an urgent assignment to be accomplished in a few hours – hurry up and speak to Patrick for a certified and rapid help. The write additionally knows all paper formatting guidelines requested by main instructional institutions within the USA. So do not forget to indicate the format your paper ought to have when inserting an order.

To put is easy, such a essay writing requires from a student to offer detailed characteristics of a literary work (comparable to a book, a story, a novel, and so on.) and critically analyze it. The core thing you might want to fulfill earlier than writing a literary analysis paper is to learn the assigned literary work attentively whereas paying attention to the slightest details. As a matter of prudence, it’s advisable to have adequate time for reading and start doing it well prematurely. It is compulsory as generally literary works could also be slightly long, so the whole studying course of may take various time, especially contemplating the truth that you will have plenty of different assignments to meet. If the literary work is sophisticated, you might even have to read it more than as soon as. Besides, it’s endorsed to take notes in the means of studying.

If you’re carried out planning, the next logical step would be to attempt to produce a steady text on the given assignment. Some college students experience problem with starting their essay, as a result of words just appear to be lacking and they can’t provide you with any respectable concepts, however that’s what planning is actually for: you can start with any part you want, and end with the toughest one. If you happen to already know what you need to write in any of the paragraphs you’ve got planned, it’s ok to go there straight away and just write what you recognize finest. As you’ll be able to see in a sample book report , the model of your essay needs to be fairly formal. You are writing to your teacher, and it is an official doc, so keep away from any informal language, much private info or any exclamatory punctuation.

Realistic Systems For essay samples – Updated

Deciding On No-Hassle Secrets In literature essay examples

The most important things to consider when writing a literary evaluation paper are: what’s your argument? Are you expressing it correctly via a nicely-placed thesis assertion? Do you assist your argument nicely all through your essay? Support for an argument typically entails utilizing a lot of evidence from the text within the type of quotations from a close reading of a passage (for more on how one can successfully use quotations, see our Integrating Quotations” assist information). Often this also involves reading, analyzing, and utilizing exterior analysis to support what you’re arguing. Studying the fundamental structure of literary evaluation might be useful for writing many alternative kinds of essays.

XMatch: Best Hookup App Reviews: Hookup Websites

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Does XMatch have an immediate chat perform?

It’s an grownup courting web site that caters to folks thinking about hookup and informal intercourse. You can find loads of hotties right here in search of no strings or low-dedication fun. Since this web site caters to folks looking for sex and hookups, it is in all probability not the right choice for those of you seeking long run partnership or marriage. But when you’re interested in assembly some attractive locals for an NSA relationship, the Xmatch website has what you need.

You should acknowledge that the real-life hookup chance is kind of rare at XMatch. The members are lively to be open and communicative whereas online, however most of them usually are not in a rush and even interested in assembly up offline. The XMatch sex platform doesn’t have any particular looking out engines to navigate you to match with anybody particular that additional on will proceed in actual life. Together with bots, there are a lot of users who aren’t looking for something offline, strictly on-line. This is the explanation why you can see a lot negative suggestions concerning XMatch evaluations.

What Users Are Saying

You can use basic text to communicate or use the IM section to privately send images, presents, and even movies. The live broadcast function is essentially a part of the chat space and permits you to broadcast to mass audiences. Users broadcast to introduce themselves, develop a following, and earn coins. This is a hookup site where little or no is left to the creativeness, and there is a hardly seen grey line between popularity and sexiness. Users actively submit erotic photos and videos, as well as document reside, mostly pornographic webcams, all of which other members can fee, comment on, and/or give suggestions (or points) to display interest.

Curiosity will get the best of the cat—and of your libdio—whenever you’re considering becoming a member of XMatch. As with any grownup-targeted web sites, there are major advantages to being a member, in addition to some downfalls.


Now the platform has 8 million members, although there’s a likelihood to meet a bunch of fake profiles within that quantity. Finding those members could be rather tough, which is why it’s secure to say that the communication at Xmatch is simply reserved for paying members. There are a number of sections of Xmatch you possibly can discover, including hottest members, stay action fashions, VIP members, and so forth.

You’re also able to see your full personality profile on a desktop, a characteristic that is lacking within the app. To make the method simpler for you, we’ve lined up seven of the preferred dating websites, together with EliteSingles, Match, and eharmony. There should be one thing for everyone in this list, even you. We need to admit that reviewing some of these dating and matchmaking apps may be fairly funny. Especially if it’s time to talk about an application of the likes of Xmatch, an enormous fraud.

You shall be inspired to buy a membership as quickly as you create your Xmatch account, and although you possibly can decline the supply, the question of a paid membership will come up again when you stay an Xmatch consumer. You can’t even open individual profiles as a free member, let alone write to somebody.

Who can join XMatch?

The design of XMatch is similar to the design of its sister sites. The subsequent tabs are the photos you uploaded, videos, the solutions to XMatch’s profile questions you filled out, and articles you post on your XMatch weblog.

The End Result: Why Didn’t Measure Up for Flings

Since the platform doesn’t have any particular matching algorithm, it’s much more challenging to find a hookup. On the other hand, you’ll most likely enjoy what you’ll see. All the sexually kinky videos might depart you speechless. It might be both hyperactive or extraordinarily passive — all that depends on the person’s preferences.

This allows you to select what you wish to experience, with out participating a lot your self. The website itself is made for voyeurs who can search by ‘New Matches’, ‘Members Near Me’, ‘Who’s Online’ and ‘VIP’, if you pay the cost. With this, you possibly can fairly literally get pleasure from somebody masturbating, a pair having sex with each other on digicam, oral sex between two people or simulated with a dildo, and plenty of other erotic acts. We discover this to be a benefit if you’re in search of something completely different than porn to fulfill your self, without having to disclose private information—or ahem, your face.

Purchasing Best Cbd Products Skin Care

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Purchasing Best Cbd Products Skin Care

Things You Should Know About Best Cbd Products Skin Care

To ease Cancer-related pain, many folks turn to CBD CBD products can assist your skin appear youthful and radiant. Full-spectrum CBD products bring the entire scope of cannabinoids to deal with many conditions simultaneously. Different CBD products can allow you to meet your wellness objectives. Most CBD products list the entire quantity of CBD on the outside the bottle, which means you have to divide that number by the whole volume in the bottle.

You are able to rely on our products to supply consistent results at an affordable price. The products we’ve made available in our on-line store contain next to no THC and thus cannot result in a so-called high. Though many folks are acquainted with using the product for a supplement, it can likewise be utilised as an ingredient in skincare solutions. CBD oil products arrive in a number of unique forms. They are mainly used as pain relievers and they reduce stress and anxiety. As a result, they are widely used to alleviate symptoms for a wide range of medical conditions and disorders. There are particular products that include CBD oil which you are able to be applicable to your skin directly.

The Appeal of Best Cbd Products Skin Care

There are a couple aspects to consider for the response to the matter of the length of CBD edibles. The impacts of CBD on receptors in the immune system can help reduce overall inflammation within the body. The outcomes are broad array of alternatives, and some truly unique products which you won’t find anywhere else. Obviously, the psychoactive effects connected with marijuana ensure it is unappealing for many users.

Best Cbd Products Skin Care – the Conspiracy

Most individuals prefer creams since you will only be needed to apply them on the epidermis. Finding the ideal CBD topical cream may be somewhat daunting. The very best CBD gummies should also help relieve inflammation in the full body. Green Roads CBD gummies are among the trusted sources of CBD products readily available in the marketplace at this time.

You’ll find both kinds of goods on the market. Most cannabinoid skin-care products are intended to aid achy spots or surface problems such as eczema. The standard of their merchandise demonstrate that, because you can taste the effort they put in. You must also take into consideration how a particular skin care product is used. At this time you are going to be eager to understand where you are able to get best CBD skin care product. You can be sure in your purchase! If it’s a question of price, then PureKana is an excellent place to begin.

The Advantages of Best Cbd Products Skin Care

When it has to do with trust, as Reeves mentioned, you’re wish to only purchase from a business that gives a COA, or certificate of analysis. 1 year money-back guarantee. There are many advantages of taking CBD than the standard marijuana or industrial hemp. Among the significant added benefits of CBD is it can help to lessen inflammation and pain in a pure way. High tech cbd gummies for sale, if you would like to go through the awesome advantages of HighTech CBD gummy that a grade A cbd, you must choose which one of the packages best satisfies your needs.