please download:

Intro - SoBaTo concept

Subjects of discussions in the project process

The overview Star

The SoBaTo concept

and further - for all practical information as the following documents. Please contact project LEAD or partners. we will gladly help you with more details:

  • Time schedule - competition planning
  • Example Participation rotation
  • Evaluating documents
  • Example of agenda event SoBaTo
  • Example Scenario SoBaTo
  • Example How to find your task
  • Example visit card and schedule
  • Example winner certificate
  • Example of test


Before the Christmas Holiday take up a challenge!

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Winners of Thursday

  1. Mateusz Ruminski, Poland, score 2 576 025
  2. Iza Kuling, Poland, score 1 293 885
  3. Blondi, score 107 848

Please welcome Wednesday winners! Contest will last two more days. You don't want to miss it!!

  1. Milosz Gustawski, Poland, score 3 546 025

  2. Mateusz Ruminski, Poland, score 3 081 338

  3. Mateusz Serdynski, Poland, score 2 727 136

Winner of Tuesday

  1. Mikolaj Badocha, Poland, score 2 168 494

  2. Robert Okula, Poland, score 2 144 883

  3. Magdalena Fiedorczuk, Poland score 689 243

 The first day of SoBaTo Game competition is over!

Monday winners are:
1. Mateusz Rumiński, Poland, score: 2 800 937
Robert Okuła, Poland, score: 836 542
3. Ida Petersen, Denmark, score: 34 996



Play the online SoBaTo

Today we start an international SoBaTo game competition that will last till Friday! After each day we will publish a name of the best player and after finishing the competition we will announce who was the BEST among the players. Those of you who want to take part in competition need to create his/her nickname according to the template:

a) Your country acronym (e.g. D for Germany, DK for Denmark, PL for Poland, etc.),
b) Underscore,
c) fulll name or nickname if you prefer,
e.g. "DK_alicja.hansen"

Keep in mind that if you use nickname nobody will know that you won! So we encourage you to use your real name – be proud of yourself! We are sure you know a lot about economics, marketing and innovation!
So let the game begin!


W ramach projektu Fundacja Ośrodek Badań i Analiz Społecznych na zlecenie Gdańskiego Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości przeprowadziła badanie na gdańskich uczniach i uczennicach mające na celu sprawdzić ich zainteresowania technologiami oraz źródła i możliwości tych zainteresowań jak również ich autocharakterystykę ich postaw przedsiębiorczych. W raporcie uwzględniono odpowiedzi 572 uczniów (z III klas gimnazjów i wszystkich roczników liceów) z 8 gimnazjów i 15 liceów z Gdańska.

Zachęcamy do lektury raportu.

Publikujemy raport w języku polskim:

Pobierz raport

Podsumowanie w języku angielskim:

Pobierz podsumowanie w języku angielskim

Oraz raport w języku angielskim:

Pobierz raport w języku angielskim

Framework of the conducted research, which was ordered by Gdańsk Business Incubator to Foundation Testing Centre and Public Analyses, is aiming to evaluate interests of Gdansk pupils in technology and sources and possibilities of these interests as well as their characteristic tendency of enterprising. In the report replies of 572 pupils were considered (from the III classes of junior secondary schools and all generations of secondary schools) from 8 junior secondary schools and 15 secondary schools from Gdańsk.
We are encouraging for the reading of the report.

We publish report in Polish:

Download report in Polish

Summary in English:

Download summary in English

And report in English:

Download report in English

German Report in summery in English


With great pleasure we invite you to participate in the International Joint Final Conference hosted by ATI erc gGmbH. The International Joint Final Conference of the projects BAYinTRAP and SoBaTo will take place from December 16th – 17th  2014 in Wismar, Germany.

We'd like to look at the achievements of the two projects and explore the future opportunities.
On the first day we will look back at two successful examples of cooperation and discuss expectations towards the future.
We will have a quick look into the thematic fields and results of the projects.
On the second day we will talk about the themes for possible cooperations in more detail.
Conference participants will have opportunities and time to network and share their ideas.
Find out more from the attached agenda.


For interested persons/ organizations: Please complete the enclosed form and return it with your contact information by 1st of December 2014 at the latest

by email or fax +49 385 3993 780.

Venue, travel & accommodation

The conference venue will be the Technology Center in Wismar: Alter Holzhafen 19, D-23966 Wismar.
Participants are responsible for their travel and accommodation. For further questions please contact

We look forward to meeting you in Wismar!

 Registration form for interested persons + organizations

Agenda Final Conferance BAYinTRAP+SoBaTo

SoBaTo event Bornholm 20th September 2014

...and the winners are:

Age Class 2

Gold: Jannis Kaiser fra Tyskland

Silver: Marta Furmaniak fra Polen

Bronze:  Martyna Kowalska fra Polen


Age class 1

Gold: Carsten Buchholz fra tyskland

Silver: Vilma Marie Lindstrøm Larsen Danmark

Silver:  Lise Rømer Olsen  fra Danmark

Congratulation to the winners!

And to all participants of the SoBaTo event on Bornholm - thank you for good spirit doing the game!  

The second Southern Baltic TechnOlympics in Gdańsk is finished with a lot of commitment from the Polish, German and Danish participants.

..and the winners are

Knowledge test:

Robert Okuła – Gdansk, Poland

 Winners of Gdansk TechnOlympics:

 High school:

  1. Place for Alexander Schengber - Germany
  2. Place for Marta Furmaniak – Gdansk, Poland
  3. Place for Mikołaj Babiański – Gdansk, Poland

Secondary school:

  1. Place for Oscar Halbe - Denmark
  2. Place for Leon Herrmann - Germany
  3. Place for Mateusz Semak – Gdansk, Poland

The first Southern Baltic Technolympics is finished with a high commitment from the German, Polish and Danish participants.

The winners are:

Overall winners of the single stations:

Station 1: IT-task: Dominik Eichler

Station 2: Bridge building: Christian Westerdahl

Station 3:  Brain challenge: Max Staff

Station 4: Potato battery: Jannis Kaiser

Station 5: Contruction kit: Max Staff

Main station: Knowledge test:

1. Max Staff

2. Bartosz Ekiert

3. Andreas Kröpelin

Winners of the competition 2013:

Age class1: 1. place goes to: Leon Herrmann

Age class1: 2. place goes to: Jannes Münse

Age class1: 3. place goes to: Andreas Kröpelin

Age class2: 1. place goes to: Max Staff

Age class2: 2. place goes to: Matthias Steffen

Age class2: 3. place goes to: Jasper Herz



And the top 10 are:


Age Class I
















































Age Class II























Benjamin Felix


























At 9th of October Starter organized a second pre-competition round for SoBaTo in Schwerin.

We invited 22 pupils from Gdańsk Autonomous High School. They compete filling a short knowledge test and doing a group task: a marshmallow challenge – “fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity”. The task is to build a tower using a set of objects: spaghetti, piece of tape, piece of string, and one marshmallow which need to be on the top. The result is a surprising lesson…
First 6 persons (4 girls and 3 boys) who get the highest score from both tasks will go with us to Schwerin to take a part in first SoBaTo.

After pre-competition part we invited all the pupils for a lecture of a designer Justyna Apolinarzak about Design Thinking and a process of designing products.

It was a great chance not only to hear about design but also try it in practice! We can’t wait for SoBaTo event in Germany!

9th October, Bornholm

On Bornholm a special class of young people from 9th grade from all public schools met and have extra focus on science and mathematic, as a acclaim for their interest in the topic. Ten of this group are given the possibility to participate in Schwerin.

foto fra forældreinfo

South Baltic Edutainment Event

Join the South Baltic Edutainment Event, European Co-operation Day, 18th September 2013 in Gdansk, Poland and get a taste of what the SoBaTo is!


School students from Denmark, Lithuania and Poland will gather in Gdansk on the 18th September 2013 to explore the cross-border efforts towards prosperity, sense of community and fellowship sentiments which have been made over the last few years. Read more:


See you!

The SoBaTo Team

Follow Up!

At South Baltic Edutainment Event, Gdansk the 18th September The SoBaTo team made a pre-competition, finding Polish participants for SoBaTo Schwerin. We had two 13 person groups – all together 26 people and six winners.

We Look forward to se you again!




Science meets Schools

Download a booklet – inspiration from the South Baltic



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