The Maritime Development Center of Europe


Who are we?

The Maritime Development Center of Europe (MDCE) is a neutral and non-profit membership based organisation. Working on behalf of the Danish maritime sector, our aim and primary goal is to support and help strengthen the competitive and innovative skills of our 150+ members.

At the MDCE we carry out initiatives that aim at strengthening maritime research and innovation and identifying new business opportunities within the maritime industry. Our approach is based upon knowledge sharing and networking amongst our members through B2B, B2C and business to university.

Our members represent the whole of the Danish maritime community; usually referred to as “The Blue Denmark”. Membership of the MDCE provides you and your company with an entry point to the Danish maritime cluster and an opportunity to establish new business contacts. Ship-owners and ship-operators, ship-brokers, equipment producers, maritime service providers, ports, law firms, consultants, educational institutions and authorities are all members of the MDCE.

How do we work?

Through conferences, networking activities and R&D projects, the MDCE provides its members with a unique opportunity to learn from each other’s “Dos and Don’ts”. Via our ongoing activities, we facilitate matchmaking and dissemination of knowledge from research, projects and international experiences to maritime companies and related stakeholders.

Our events cover numerous maritime fields and subjects such as: maritime R&D, maritime safety, health and environment, competence development, human resources and crew, green technology, present challenges and future business opportunities.

The MDCE participates in national and European maritime projects in the role as lead partner, project partner, facilitator or manager. Our focus areas are: development of maritime transport and logistics, green technology, maritime education and competencies, offshore service, support and counseling, human resources and promotion of shortsea shipping.


SoBaTo is one of a number of projects that we participate in. SoBaTo is lead from our department The Maritime Development Center of Bornholm - on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

Contact: Coordinator Lone Reppien Thomsen



Bornholms Maritime Udviklingscenter
Sydhavnsvej 12
DK- 3700 Rønne
Contact person:
Lone Reppien Thomsen
Mob. +45 3118 7818
Tel.: +45 5693 0539


ATI erc gGmbH

The ATI erc gGmbH education, research and furtherance of cooperations is a 100% −
owned subsidiary of the ATI Westmecklenburg GmbH, a regional development agency.

We are located in the North of Germany, in Wismar and Schwerin - capital of the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The company pursues exclusively and directly nonprofit purposes.

Object of the company is the promotion of education, science, research and cooperation in European and international level.

The company's mission is achieved in particular through the implementation of scientific events, training programs, research projects and projects to further European and international cooperation.

Currently we work as a partner in the following projects:

SB-project MarTech LNG – with the aim to create a better access to technology and knowledge on LNG (liquified natural gas) related business activities to build up a better competences and specialization among the SBSR maritime business supply chain. Focus of the project is to foster know-how on LNG construction and operation within different South Baltic companies to help them define their business niche.

Interreg-project BalticAirCargo.Net – with the aim to improve air cargo transport sector by service oriented ICT-methods and processing logistic interfaces.

SB-project BayInTrap- with the aim to create opportunities for active involvement of young city citizens into process of sustainable urban transport policy development.

and last but not least

SB-project SoBaTo, SouthBaltic Technolympics – a competition that started in Germany 6 years ago as a need of more knowledge about young people skills but turned into an event to increase pupils interest for technics, innovation and technical studios and jobs. It demonstrated the perspectives for future careers in technical and innovative branches and now it gets an European dimension.

We are all looking forward to this events because it is a unique chance for pupils to compete with each other and to explore our neighboring countries Denmark and Poland.
We are pleased to make the SoBaTo to an unforgettable and successful social cross border event.



ATI erc gGmbH
education, research and furtherance of cooperations
Hagenower Str. 73
19061 Schwerin- Germany
Contact person:

Nadine Nowak
+ 49 385 3993 772


The Gdańsk Entrepreneurs' Foundation

Set up in 2005, The Gdansk Entrepreneurs’ Foundation (Gdanska Fundacja Przedsiebiorczosci - GFP) is a non-governmental organization located in Gdańsk. The GFP was founded by the Gdansk City Council in response to the signals coming from the local market. From that time, GFP has started to be one of the most important instruments supporting Small and Medium Enterprises in Gdansk. The main goals are implemented by educational activity within the range of entrepreneurship, legal and economic consulting, supporting SMEs and promotion of entrepreneurship.

The aim of the Foundation is to enhance economic development in the City of Gdansk by supporting micro, small and medium enterprises.

Business Incubator STARTER

Since January 2012 GFP runs the Business Incubator STARTER. It’s main aim is helping start-up’s through minimizing their running costs, supporting them in establishing business relations and helping them achieve their full potential. We’re not only renting out offices and conference spaces, we are connecting creative and innovative entrepreneurs with each other.

STARTER provide knowledge, space and networking. With us development is easier and faster!

Currently 35 new businesses have a chance to make their first steps in business in STARTER. Most of them are ICT companies which deal with different branches and services e.g. mobile widgets for fashion, social media brand monitoring tool, highly efficient distributed applications, modern web applications and advanced information systems based on artificial intelligence technology. Among other branches we also support modular design studio and branding agency.

Starter is fulfilling its goals thru 3 sub-brands:

STARTER PLAY – is an adventure with entrepreneurship. We raise the creativity and curiosity of children and young people through fun and business plays. With us they will be encourage to do extraordinary things.

STARTER GO – is for those who think about opening a new business. With us they can be inspired by the bests, develop knowledge and network.

STARTER UP – is to provide the rapid development of the company. We will help with the acquisition of foreign markets and looking for investors.


Business Incubator
ul. Lęborska 3b
80-386 Gdańsk - Poland
Contact person:

Kinga Kuczynska
+ 48 58 731 65 70